Get Products from Crew & Axel For Improved Paddleboarding Experience

Paddleboarding gives thrill and increases the amount of adventure in an activity. As a result, more people get drawn to it every day. One can learn paddleboarding by practicing it. However, it isn’t fun if you do not have the right equipment. So firstly, you should get suitable types of equipment from a store.

For this, you can visit online stores like Crew & Axel. The store has top inflatable paddle boards and electric sup pumps available. You can give it a try for a better paddleboarding experience. Getting paddle boards and related equipment from Crew & Axel can be a good option. The improved design and features make products from this store preferable. Here are some features that you would like:

Improved paddle board width:

The ideal paddle board width is 27“-28“. Several paddle board stores offer this standard size. But if you are looking for wider boards, you can take a look at paddle boards from Crew & Axel. The store has revised the width of paddle boards and made them 3“ wider. It resolves many issues for paddle boarders as they get more space. Moreover, they can also enjoy the activity with their kids. The board can easily balance and adjust two people.

Dry bags for your belongings:

Many stores offer top inflatable paddle boards. But only a few provide additional products with them. Crew & Axel is among those few available options. You can get a dry bag from this store. The special bag design can store your belongings. Additionally, the mesh bottom allows water to drain from the bag without ruining your stuff. These bags are something that every paddleboarder needs.

The D-rings for your benefit:

Some people love paddleboarding while standing, while others prefer sitting and paddleboarding. The stores like Crew & Axel manage to keep up with the demands of people with different preferences. The paddle boards from this store have D-rings that allow to attach and detach seats on paddle boards.

Dual-action pumps to reduce your effort:

Every paddle boarder needs an electric paddle board pump to inflate their paddle boards. However, Crew & Axel tries to offer an improved version of these pumps too. The stores like this one offer dual-action pumps. These pumps take lesser time to fully inflate the paddle boards. As a result, the efforts required to pump paddle boards will eventually get reduced.

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