How to Save Your Windshield from Getting Damaged

Ways in Which You can Avoid Windshield Damage

Sometimes windshield chips and cracks cannot be avoided in any way. You may feel like the windshield has been damaged but you do not know how the damage has occurred. But this damage may have occurred because you have neglected a lot of things. Following some basic tips can save you from auto glass damage.

Avoid Traveling on Roads with Gravel

A lot of times we travel on roads that have a lot of gravel. On such roads, it becomes difficult to save your windshield from damage. Your best bet would be to avoid the roads on which trucks travel with gravel. But if you notice that gravel has hit your windshield and has damaged it, you should rush to an auto windshield repair near me shop before the small chip turns into a huge crack and demands complete replacement.

Follow the Three-Second Rule

Another way in which you can save your windshield from getting damaged is by keeping a 3-second distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. If you are traveling on a road that is not in good condition, you can also keep a 5-second gap so that you can save yourself from collisions and accidents. This trick does not sound very life-changing but in reality, it can surely save you from spending on automobile windshield replacement.

Try Parking Your Vehicle in Covered Areas

A lot of times, you may struggle with windshield damages only because you park your car in the open. The reality is that a lot of things can damage your car such as flying debris and other objects if you park your car in the open. Therefore, it is essential to only park it in covered areas so that there will be no such cases of damage.

When Your Windshield Already Has Cracks

A lot of times your windshield may have small cracks or chips. While the best thing to do in this situation is to visit an auto shop immediately, sometimes you may not be able to do so. In this situation, you should avoid hitting your brakes all of a sudden and should also avoid potholes. You should also try to avoid driving on roads with gravel.

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